Social media, everyone uses it.

Social media has grown rapidly over the past decade that it has got to the point where we are seeing 3.7 billion active social media users! That is about half of the world’s population all linked together online by these social platforms.

It would be no surprise to you if we told you that social media is now an amazing place for your business to be. But then again, we already knew this due to the everyday advertisements and business posts we see almost every day.

However, having a new year and a whole new decade upon us, social media marketing is now even more important for your business.

But, Why Is Social Media So Important?

It’s great hearing about the large number of people who have social accounts, but that means nothing if you don’t understand how it could help your business receive more awareness and more sales.

Don’t worry, our social media marketing agency will provide you with everything you need to know!

Engage with your audience & customers

Social media is hands down one of the best ways to interact with people in today’s society. The average amount of time a user spends per day on their social accounts is about 135 minutes, according to BroadbandSearch. Although, if your business targets a much younger audience, then the average time spent on social media is most likely a lot higher.

This all basically means that you have a great opportunity to reach people when they are not as busy or when they get a moment or two to themselves.

It is so important for a business to engage with people through their social media. You may think a post or comment that took five seconds to type is pointless, but we can guarantee you it’s not. As it is online, the only true way of engaging with someone on social media is by commenting or reacting to a post, or simply messaging someone.

We always urge businesses to reach out and engage to as many people as possible so that you are always creating a relationship with the users.

Boost your reputation

Reputation is pure gold for a business. Having an amazing reputation is not easy to gain, and a lot of businesses don’t actually know how to boost it. Social media marketing is the answer.

Within social media, you have a large audience ready to find you; all you have to do is reach them, and make yourself seem professional and friendly. Sounds easy right? That is true to some extents, but you need to be on the ball always. From getting good customer reviews and interacting with people who have questions or queries, keeping your reputation and boosting it can be a daunting and difficult task.

Brand awareness

Your brand is more than a logo and colours; this is something a lot of people forget. Your brand is your visions and values, your promises and your way of working. Everyone will have an opinion of your brand when they first spot it, and much like keeping your reputation to a good standard, you want their original reaction being a great one.

Social media is a great place to do this. There is a massive audience ready to find your company. Your brand awareness can easily be boosted by optimising your social media marketing strategy.

Increased traffic to your website

When going through social media marketing, if done correctly, every now and then should be a post promoting your website or some content from your site. This will, therefore, will boost the number of people who visit your site.

Increased traffic to your site is obviously a great advantage. The visitors can see more information about products or services that you provide, blog posts and contact information.

Targeted advertising

Some businesses require a certain audience. Whether it is business owners, teenagers, pensioners or anyone else, there is a way to target these audiences. Facebook ads are one of the most popular choices for advertising on social media. Many social media companies provide social media marketing services that manage these ads for you so that you can reach your targeted audience.

Almost every social media platform provides an ad service that you can use to reach people; however, Facebook is undoubtedly the best for specific demographic targeting.

The Role of Social Media in Marketing

Social media in today’s age is extremely important within marketing strategies for businesses. Whether you are a small individual company or a worldwide known franchise, there are no limits on the impact that these platforms can deliver. Starting up a social media campaign can be daunting at first; however, our digital marketing agency London is here to assist you with reaching new customers.

Social media lead generation is a speciality within our highly trained team, and we love managing our customer’s social profiles. Whether you require social media management or you want targeted Facebook ads to reach a specific audience, Surrey Social Media are the best social media agency in London.


To sum everything up, social media is extremely important for any business moving forward into the new year and the new decade.

From increasing brand awareness, boosting reputation and receiving increased website traffic; there are many reasons why you should implement social media into your business’ marketing strategy.

Get in touch with a friendly member of the team at Surrey Social Media to get started on your social media campaign.