The Baby Blue

£250Per month
  • 8 posts per month
  • Monthly statistic report

The Neon Blue

£450Per month
  • 15 posts per month
  • Monthly statistic Report
  • Drip campaigns
  • Q+A post once a month – for engagement
  • Responsive on DM / Message

The Cobalt Blue

£750Per month
  • 25 posts per month
  • Posts on 1 additional platform
  • Monthly statistic report
  • One creative/targeted ad per month
  • 5 video posts per month
  • 3 Instagram highlights
  • Q+A post once a month – for engagement
  • Responsive on DM / Message

The Navy Blue

£950Per month
  • 30 posts per month
  • Posts on 2 additional platforms
  • Three creatives / targeted ads per month
  • Giveaway supplied by us for engagement – eg £10 amazon voucher
  • Monthly statistic report
  • 10 video posts per month
  • 5 Instagram highlights
  • Q+A post once a month – for engagement
  • Responsive on DM / Message

The Custom Package

£950Per month
  • Choose your own features with Surrey Social Media’s fully customisable package creator. Cherry-pick your required features to create a bespoke package that suits your needs. To find out more or enquire about prices please email us at

Our Partners

What is a monthly statistic report?

When you decide to get a package deal from us for your social media management, we will assign you a campaign manager to head up your social media campaign and liaise with you on your opinions and choices for posts. We will never keep you out of the loop, as we know your business is a reflection of you. Your campaign manager will offer monthly statistics to show you how your campaign is working for you and how much more engagement you generate.

What is a post?

A post is curated by us and put onto various social media platforms, depending on your requirements and the platforms you choose. For example, for Instagram or Facebook, we may create a video or infographic for your business, whereas a post may be a tweet or hashtag on Twitter. We have experts who will design and post your as per your requirements to help you boost engagement. This can include interactive posts to engage with your potential customers; for example, Q+A’s will encourage viewers to respond.

What is a drip campaign?

Marketing experts use a drip campaign to ensure that your content is posted over a period (usually a month) that is specific and chosen by you. It is a communication approach in which a pre-written collection of communications/posts is sent to clients or prospects over time or ‘drips’. For example, if your business or brand needs to post on specific dates, days or occasions, the drip campaign ensures that your requirements are met, even on public holidays and weekends.

What is a creative/targeted ad?

A creative or targeted ad is a graphic that is fully stylised to your business’s colour scheme, font, and logo to create synergy across the campaign and across your website and the various Social Media platforms that your creatives appear upon. It is geo-targeted to an area of your choosing so that you can appeal to audiences in specific locations.